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Howard Leight Airsoft Multiple Use Reusable Air Cu...

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They are designed to be a great value for long term use. Airsoft earplugs have a patented cushion of soft attenuating material around a pocket of air that is comfortable enough for extended wear and superior comfort. They are the highest rated reusable earplug available. Wash with soap and water for months of protection. Attenuation tested in accor..

Howard Leight Bilsom Impact Yellow Dielectric Prot...


Built-in directional microphones amplify voices, alarms and other ambient workplace sounds to a safe 82dB, providing more natural listening and enhanced communication Actively listens and automatically shuts off amplification when ambient sound reaches 82 dB Inner-ventilated headband minimizes pressure for breathable comfort; non-deforming outer ..

Howard Leight Clarity Series C3 Sound Management S...


Description Get quality hearing protection and still hear important workplace communication with the Howard Leight by Honeywell Clarity Series C3 Sound Management Safety Earmuff. Patented sound technology enhances voices, alarms etc. while protecting your ears from damaging sound. The safety earmuff's dielectric construction inhibits the conductio..

Howard Leight Folding Earmuff Belt Case Black


Features Loops slide onto any belt for easy access Velcro flap easy to open, especially with gloves Folds flat when not in use Durable nylon construction withstands abuse Fits Leightning L2F, Leightning Hi-Visibility L2FHV, Thunder T1F, Clarity C1F and Impact Sport folding earmuffs..

Howard Leight Fusion Corded 27 Nrr Reusable Flange...


Description Protect your ears on the job with this pair of ear plugs from Howard Leight by Honeywell.Offered with 100 pairs per package, these reusable earplugs are available in one size fits all.This product is a part of the Fusion(R) series. Standards include: ANSI S3.19-1974 Tested. features Great noise protection. Patented SoftFlange design..

Howard Leight Hygiene Kit Replacement Earmuffs For...


Hygiene Kit for Impact Sport and Sync Radio Earmuffs.This kit includes one pair of our specially-designed ear cushions and one pair of foam inserts. Together they can extend the lifespan of your earmuff and improve its performance. Replacing the old ear pads is easy: just pop out the old ones and snap the new ones into place. Replacement is recomme..

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Noise Amplif...


Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Noise Amplification Earmuffs R-01526 enhance user awareness of their environment through advanced sound amplification technology. Howard Leight Impact Ear Muffs allow wearers to hear important communication - other co-workers, alarms and warning signals - at a safely amplified level. Positioned microphones on t..

Howard Leight L3h Capmount Earmuffs W/ Pair Of Har...


Description Cap-mounted earmuffs feature a durable, steel-wire construction to offer high performance and robust durability. Air Flow Control technology delivers optimal attenuation across all frequencies without increasing the earcup size or weight. A patented baseplate chamber and high-tech, nonwoven layer manage the flow of air inside the earmu..

Howard Leight Mach 1 Noise Blocking Nrr 18 Red Ear...


Howard Leight MACH 1 EARMUFF .Howard Leight's new Clarity improves safety and communication by blocking hazardous noise while voice and signal frequencies can be heard more naturally. Clarity's multi-material design with translucent stem helps to manage the transmission of sound frequencies through the earplug and ear canal. Plus, its low attenuati..

Howard Leight Matrix Nrr 29 Single-use Disposable ...

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description Howard Leight Matrix 29dB disposable ear plugs.The only single-use ear plugs that filer out noise while letting speech frequencies in! Reduces noise levels by 29 dB and has a super soft outer cover that provides comfort throughout the workday or flight Matrix. Promises enhanced communication, safety and compliance. And forget rolling ..

Howard Leight Max Disposable Bell Shape Nrr 33 Cor...

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Description Howard Leight by Honeywell MAX Disposable Foam Earplugs offer the best hearing protection in the workplace of any single-use earplugs (33 NRR). The pre-shaped, contoured foam is designed to fit almost any ear canal for comfortable all-day ear protection on the job. A closed-cell outer layer prevents dirt from building up. These earplug..

Howard Leight Max Lite Disposable Foam Corded Earp...


Key Features The world’s most-used polyurethane foam earplug Bell shape delivers maximum in-ear comfort Contoured design easier to insert, resists tendency to back-out of ear canal Polyurethane foam enhances comfort, especially for long-term wear Smooth, soil-resistant closed cell-foam skin prevents dirt build-up Bulk refills for Lei..

Howard Leight Max Lite Disposable Foam Uncorded Ea...


The Howard Leight MaxLite low pressure foam earplugs offer long-term user comfort not found in other pre-shaped foam earplugs. What we mean by 'low pressure', is that when the foam expands within your ear canal, it does so with lower than average pressure. Having anything in your ear is potentially uncomfortable, and even these earplugs are no exce..

Howard Leight Viking Series Multi-position Dielect...

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description The Howard Leight by Honeywell Viking Series V2 Multi-Position Dielectric Safety Earmuff provides reliable and comfortable hearing protection on the jobsite. A multiple-position headband allows for versatile wear and allows the safety earmuff to work comfortably with other personal protection equipment such as hard hats, face shields a..

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