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Calibrated Clampmeter Ac Dc Option: (cm-960-c)

| 6 Options

Clamp meter with Certificate of Calibration Measures AC+DC current AC and AC+DC voltage measurements with digital low pass filter for accurate readings on variable frequency drives Also measures DC voltage, resistance, capacitance and frequency Tests continuity and diodes Flashlight inside clamp jaw for easier work in dark locations Backlight & rel..

Calibrated Digital Multimeter 1kv Ac Dc (dm-200a)

| 2 Options

• Auto and manual ranging • Non-contact and single-probe voltage detection • Beep-Jack™ audible and visible warning to guard against improper A and mA terminal plug in. • High visibility 6000 count LCD display. • Auto power off, display backlight, analog bar graph • PC interface capability using optional USB RS-232 cable with data recording PC sof..

Calibrated Digital Multimeter 500k Counts (dm-860a...



Calibrated Digital Multimeter Trms Ac Dc (dm-510a)

| 4 Options

DMM,TRMS,AC/DC(DM-510A)(CALIB) 筆easures voltage, current, resistance and frequency 謬ests continuity and diodes 稗acklit LCD with 6,000 count display 謬wo voltage detection modes - non-contact or using a single test lead 稗eepJack warns when test leads are incorrectly inserted in current measurement terminals 柊utomatic and manual range selection 紐elat..

Calibrated Silicon Fibre Optic Power Meter Option:...

| 2 Options

The optical power meter is the perfect tool for installation and testing of fibre optic cabling. The Greenlee CP-3137 can be used to measure optical power or used in conjunction with a LED or Laser source to perform insertion loss testing on multimode and singlemode fibre optic cabling. The CP-3137 measures optical power at 650nm, 780nm and 850nm...

Clampmeter Ac Option: (cmh-600) (pop)

| 2 Options

Measures AC current and DC micro-amps AC voltage measurement with digital low pass filter for accurate readings on variable frequency drives Also measures DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, temperature and frequency Tests continuity and diodes Phase Sequence & Motor Rotation tests Peak-RMS measures motor in rush current Backlight & relative mode ..

Clampmeter Auto True Rms 2000a Power Factor Option...

| 2 Options

The Greenlee CMP-200-C Clamp Meter calculates accurate measurements of several different parameters. You can use it to measure true power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, voltage, current and frequency, and then view the results on the large LCD...

Digital Multimeter Dlog 43k Trms Ac Dc (dml-430a)


Datalogging Capability - Stores 87,000 Single-Channel Or 43,000 Dual-Channel Measurements Use Optional USB InterfaceDMSC-9U To Transfer Data To PC Or For Direct-To-PC logging AC+DC True RMS Gives Accurate Readings On Complex Waveforms Low Impedance AutoCheck Mode - Automatically Selects AC or DC volts, Resistance Or Continuity Low impedance masks g..

Fiber Optic Power Meter With Enhanced Emi Shieldin...


Don't confuse the small size of the Greenlee 560XL-EMI with its ability to provide powerful results. The 560XL-EMI Optical Power Meter is the perfect tool for installing and testing fiber optic cabling. The 560XL-EMI can be used to measure optical power, or can be used in conjunction with a LED or laser source for insertion loss testing on multi- a..

High Power Opm With Vfl Gopm-02


Measure optical power Tone and probe to positively identify fibers Measure insertion loss Locate Macrobends Identify contaminated or faulty connectors Find damaged or broken fibers..

Meter Fibre Optic Power (560xl)


The 560XL Fiber Optic Power Meter consists of laser and LED sources, and optical power meters. The laser sources are available at 1310nm and 1550nm, while the LED sources are available at 850nm and 1300nm. M90 and AS100 launch conditions are available for the multimode sources. The optical power meters are available with Silicone, InGaAs, and filte..

Opm Gopm-03


STANDARD POWER OPM, -70 TO 6DBM, Connector Type:Adapter, Photodetector Type:Indium Gallium Arsenide, Operating Range dBm Min:-70dBm, Operating Range dBm Max:6dBm, Product Range:fiberTOOLS Series..

Optical Power Meter Filtered Ingaas Option: Standa...

| 2 Options

Optical Power Meter with FILTERED, InGaAs, 0.01dB, Zero ref set Singlemode and multimode application Calibrated wave lengths of850nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, and 1550nm 2kHz Tone detect NIST traceable Long Battery Life Rugged, compact, and lightweight..

Optical Power Meter Soc-hp Ingaas 568xl


Easy to use – three buttons control all functions Multi-wavelength storage: Store and recall reference power levels for faster, more efficient measurements Loss measurements in (dB) Power measurements in (dBm) Snap on connector interface adapts to FC, SC and ST connectors Long battery life User selectable auto shut-off Rugged and splash-proof Econo..

Optical Power Meter With Vfl Gopm-01


The Micro OPM is an Optical Power Meter (OPM) and Visual Fault Locator (VFL) combination instrument that provides the fiber Premise Technician the tools they need to troubleshoot FTT(x) and Point to Point networks. The Micro OPM is compatible with both single-mode and multi-mode networks. The OPM uses an InGaAs diode and is calibrated at 850, 1300..

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