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134 Spring Special Strapless Open Top Holster Gun:...

| 19 Options

The 134 Spring Special holster from Aker is a premium strapless holster for popular revolvers and semi-automatics. Its open-top design allows full access to your firearm, speeding up your reaction time in rapidly evolving situations. The heavy-duty spring clip features a hooked tip that wraps around the belt, improving retention and ensuring that y..

135 Spring Special Holster Gun: Smith & Wesson M&p...

| 15 Options

The 135 Spring Special Holster from Aker is designed for speed and convenience, and fits many popular semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. It includes a quick-release thumb break that enhances weapon retention without slowing down your draw, allowing you to react quickly to threats. The sturdy spring clip features a hooked end that fits around the..

150 Hide Out Vest Tan Holster Gun: Glock 26 Hand: ...

| 6 Options

The 150 Hide Out Vest Holster from Aker is a discreet design intended to be worn with body armor or a tactical vest. Its twin slots fit a pair of straps measuring up to 2 inches each wide, allowing it to sit like a vertical shoulder holster for maximum portability and accessibility. Its open top design provides rapid access to your weapon, minimizi..

151 Dea Iwb Holster Color: Tan Gun: Glock 26 Hand:...

| 6 Options

The Aker 151 D.E.A. inside-the-waistband holster is a premium cowhide leather design intended for discreet concealed carry. It comes with a reinforced mouth that retains its shape while empty, preventing it from being forced closed by the waistband for easy one-handed reholstering. Its full length SightStrip enhances draw smoothness and also protec..

160 Spring Special Executive Iwb Holster Color: Bl...

| 35 Options

The 160 Spring Special Executive Holster from Aker is a tough carrying option for many popular automatic pistols and revolvers. It is made from premium quality cowhide leather for maximum durability and wear resistance, and features a reinforced polymer band around the opening to enable easy one-handed reholstering. The holster pocket is custom mol..

176 Iwb Patriot Holster Color: Tan Gun Fit: Sig P2...

| 61 Options

Aker's IWB Statesmen (formerly known as the Patriot) is one of the most comfortable, well-fitting inside-the-waistband holsters you'll ever own. The Statesman is designed for optimal concealed carry of most popular-sized semi-automatics. Aker employs a unique molding process to precisely fit your firearm for ideal retention. Its reinforced mouth pr..

1l Lawman Western Style Tan Leather Holster Gun Fi...

| 50 Options

This high ride holster MODEL 1L is designed for single action revolvers. Constructed of full grain vegetable tanned cowhide, its clean lines offer an exposed trigger guard. The retention strap with front strap closure wraps securely behind the hammer. The foldover belt loop is made for 1.75 in. (45 mm) to 2.25 in. (58 mm) belts and holds the revol..

3s Pistol Pocket Concealable Waistband Holster Gun...

| 148 Options

This leather inside waist holster Modle 3S is handcrafted with premium full grain cowhide. It has a thumb snap closure and rides inside the waist for concealability. The dual snap-on belt loop wraps around the belt and can be rotated to five different locations. A reinforced top allows for stay-open holstering. Comfortable even when driving, the Bi..

Ccw-5s Universal Holster Color: Coyote

| 2 Options

The CCW-5S Universal Holster from 5ive Star gear is a versatile and extremely low-profile holster that is ideal for discreet carry. The adjustable hook-and-loop strap wraps around the firearm, guaranteeing secure retention and allowing it to fit a wide range of firearms, including most semi-automatic handguns. The minimal design allows for rapid ac..

Model 100 Professional Waistband Iwb Holster Color...

| 500 Options

The Bianchi Professional Inside Waistband Holster Model 100 is an inside the waistband holster that meets the requirements for deep concealment applications. Constructed of premium full grain cowhide, this design features a high back that provides a shield between the body and the sharp edges of the pistol for comfort and to protect clothing. It is..

Model 100t Professional Tuckable Inside Waistband ...

| 12 Options

The Bianchi Professional Tuckable Inside Waistband Holster Model 100T offers all the benefits of best selling Bianchi Model 100 Holster but with an additional key feature, the ability to tuck in a shirt while carrying the handgun. This is accomplished by using Bianchi's patent pending C-Clip design which envelopes the belt while minimizing the spac..

Model 120 Covert Option Slide Holster Russet Brown...

| 12 Options

The Bianchi Covert Option Inside Waistband Holster Model 120 carries the weapon inside the waistband and has dual belt loop straps for stability, a slight forward cant for efficient drawing while seated, and a reinforced top for effortless one-handed holstering. The low profile design effectively conceals the firearm with minimal bulk. The most uni..

Model 135 Suppression Allusion Inside Waistband Iw...

| 76 Options

The Bianchi Allusion Suppression Inside Waistband IWB Holster Model 135 design is all about concealability and comfort. Concealability is obtained by the holster sitting low enough that the thickest part of the weapon lies directly underneath the belt, helping to obscure the shape. Meanwhile, two shirt-tuckable C-clips grasp the belt and, taking as..

Model 145 Subdue Inside Waistband Iwb Holster Colo...

| 57 Options

The Model 145 Subdue is a compact holster designed to fit comfortably inside the waistband. Part of the Allusion Series, the holster combines a premium full grain leather exterior and a laminate synthetic liner for the best of performance and good looks. Small in size and designed to sit comfortably inside the waistband, the 145 has a high back and..

Model 152 Pocket Piece Concealment Holster Hand: R...

| 6 Options

The 152 Pocket Piece Holster from Bianchi is a convenient and highly concealable holster design that fits into pockets for discreet carry. The holster is fashioned from genuine, full-grain leather, offering lasting durability and a rigid construction that breaks up the outline of firearms. Its smooth interior combined with the Vertical Assist finge..

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