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Howard Leight Hygiene Kit Replacement Earmuffs For...


Hygiene Kit for Impact Sport and Sync Radio Earmuffs.This kit includes one pair of our specially-designed ear cushions and one pair of foam inserts. Together they can extend the lifespan of your earmuff and improve its performance. Replacing the old ear pads is easy: just pop out the old ones and snap the new ones into place. Replacement is recomme..

Howard Leight L2s/l2n/l2h/l2f/l2fhv Hygiene Replac...


Description Includes: (2) Replacement Ear Cushions, (2) Foam Closing Pads Recommended replacement every 6 months with general use, more frequently with heavy use. Snap-in ear cushions are standard on all Howard Leight earmuffs. Benefit Includes one pair of snap-in ear cushions and one pair of foam earcup inserts for Leightning L2s/L2H/L2N/L2F/L2..

North Gas Mask 40mm Protection Canister For Use W/...

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Features DIN-threaded 40 mm connectors make attaching and removing canisters quick and easy It provide protection against choloracetophenone (CN), chlorobenzylidene malononitrile (CS) and includes a P100 filter for use against particulates such as pepper spray Gas Mask Canister, Approved for CN, CS, P100 Third Party Testing Showed It Effective..

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