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200 Lb. Kevlar Cord 20 Feet


The 200LB. Kevlar Survival Cord from 5ive Star Gear is incredibly versatile, with a wide range of outdoor and survival applications--from building improvised bows, tying down a tent or even rescue work. The choice of synthetic Kevlar material ensures a high level of tensile strength fitted into a lightweight item, making this .036-inch diameter cor..

200 Lb. Kevlar Survival Cord Spool 60'


The 200LB. Kevlar Survival Cord Spool from 5ive Star Gear is perfect for throwing into any survival or emergency kit. Sixty feet of cord is wrapped around a convenient spool for hassle-free storage, transport and ease of use. The cord delivers a wide range of outdoor application, from securely tying down equipment to creating snares for hunting. Ke..

Commercial 7-strand 550 Lb Paracord Length: 50 Fee...

| 35 Options

This 50 foot length of 7-Strand 550 Paracord from 5ive Star Gear has an incredible range of survival applications. Originally used to build parachute lines thanks to its load-bearing strength, it belongs in every survival bag, glove box and boat. The short length also makes it highly portable. The twisted nylon material is exceptionally strong, wit..

Kevlar Trip Line dark Green 75 Feet


This Kevlar Trip Line is a new generation trip line that is constructed of multi-filament silicon coated Kevlar, allowing great flexibility and ease of deployment while avoiding the hassles of metal trip wire and is compatible with most trip-activated devices. Comes wound on a nifty new flexible plastic rapid dispenser spool. Specifications and Fe..

Nylon Utility Cord 50 Feet Color: White


This 50 ft. Nylon Utility Cord is designed for indoor/outdoor use. It is made from 100% nylon braided cord that is a tightly interwoven braid to stand up to the elements and meet a wide range of outdoor needs without rotting or being affected by mildew. It can be used to tie down tarps, as a clothesline, and much more while camping or hiking. Spec..

Para-lite Paracord Tinder 50 Feet Color: Orange

| 3 Options

For use while camping, hiking, or any survival situation to start a fire by exposing and igniting the red core thread. Can also be used for any of your regular paracord needs such as, creating survival bracelets, zipper pulls, handle wraps and lanyards for emergency situations. Core threads can be used as sewing thread, sutures, fishing line and mo..

Technora Survival Cord 50 Feet - 450 Lb.

| 2 Options

The 450LB. Technora Survival Cord from 5ive Star Gear delivers dependable strength and durability for survival and emergency applications. In addition to use for climbing and rescue operations, this cord's unmatched tensile strength makes it ideal for twining, hoisting, traps, bows and snares. The durable cord is coated with PTFE to increase abrasi..

Thin Blue Line 550 Paracord Survival Bracelet


Thin Blue Line 550 Paracord Survival Bracelet Support our brothers and sisters in blue with this 550 paracord bracelet from Echo Tactical! Carrying several feet of 550 paracord has become as easy as snapping a bracelet around your wrist. With an impressive handling up to 550 pounds, the E1-PCB550 bracelet can be used in various situations ranging ..

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