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Firestarter Tinders (8 Pack)


Start a fire without relying solely upon kindling, especially during inclement weather in the field. 5ive Star Gear's Firestarter Tinders are a lightweight solution that is easily transportable and effortless to use. Each tinder is made of 100% cotton material. They can be broken, or cut into smaller pieces, and placed strategically in fire pits to..

Gi Magnesium Firestarter


Be just minutes away from a warm campfire with the GI Magnesium Firestarter from 5ive Star Gear. This genuine U.S. military-issue tool will reliably start hundreds of fires and is the perfect size to carry in a bug-out bag, pack or stow in the glove compartment. The firestarter features a dependable built-in sparking rod made of magnesium that prod..

Pyro-band Firestarter


The Pyro-Band Firestarter from 5ive Star Gear is an effective and convenient way to start a fire no matter where you are, perfect for camping, hunting and hiking expeditions in the backcountry. The flexible band makes it easy to wear around the wrist for portability and access, and can be cut down to size for a custom fit. The secure clasp is actua..

Steel Firestarter


The Steel Firestarter from 5ive Star Gear is a convenient way to start a fire in all types of weather. Its compact design will fit into a pocket and serves as the perfect size for stowing with camping/hiking gear or in a bug-out bag in case of an emergency. The sparking rod and fire striker are attached on a loop, ensuring both items stay together ..

Waterproof Matches (4 Pack)


Trying to get a fire started in the rain with wet materials is frustrating at best and at worst it can be a matter of life and death. The convenient Waterproof Matches from 5ive Star Gear are ideal for camping, hiking and disaster preparedness because they are able to strike reliably even when wet. The box includes a built-in striker surface, ensur..

Windproof/waterproof Storm Matches


Trying to get a fire started in harsh weather or environmental conditions can be almost impossible with regular matches. The Windproof/Waterproof Storm Matches from 5ive Star Gear are designed to burn in all conditions. These matches resist blow-out from severe wind and can even light after full immersion in water. The flame lasts for up to ten sec..

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