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.50 Cal Bmg Bottle Opener Color: Od Green

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5IVE STAR GEAR .50 Caliber BMG Bottle Opener OD Green 0.0No ReviewsWrite the First Review Brand: 5IVE STAR GEAR UPC: 834954065286 MFR #: 4678000 Item #: 20-TSP-4678000 Our Low Price: $13.49 QTY: 1 Save To Wishlist | Tell A Friend Can we ship this to you? Your Zip Code Typically ships within 1 to 2 business days. Refer a Friend & Earn Points ..

.50 Cal Bmg Brass Corkscrew


Made from once fired .50cal BMG military grade ammunition that measures approximately 7” in length. Used to open your favorite bottles of wine. End of the bullet unscrews to reveal the corkscrew then simply slide the bullet through the hole which will give you the perfect amount of leverage to open any bottle. Made from once fired .50cal BMG mili..

.50 Cal Bmg Twist Pen Brass


Made from once fired .50 cal. BMG military grade ammunition that measures approximately 5.5" in length. Pen ink can be replaced with cross style 8514-2 ball point pen refill. Features: Made from once fired .50 cal. BMG military grade ammunition Measures approximately 5.5" in length Pen ink can be replaced with cross style 8514-2 ball point pen re..

12 Gauge Bullet Magnets (5 Pack)


These sets of unique novelty magnets from 5ive Star Gear make a great gift for the firearm lover in your life. Each magnet is made from a genuine, one-fired 12 gauge shotgun shell. They are cleaned and cut to size, then equipped with internal rare earth magnets with plenty of pulling power. Use them to attach to-do lists to your refrigerator in a w..

20mm Vulcan Bottle Opener


What was once a red-hot round fired by our U.S. military, can now be used to crack open your ice cold beverage of choice. The 20mm Vulcan Openers are handmade from genuine casings procured directly from the Department of Defense. So whether you're using your bottle opener for your home bar or gifting it to the gun enthusiast in your life, it's guar..

30mm Shot Glass Option: Black

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Other shot glasses might look nice, but did they ever destroy an Iraqi tank? The 30mm Shot Glass from 5ive Star Gear is a unique souvenir for current and former service members and anyone else with an avid interest in the military. It is crafted from the aluminum shell casing of a genuine 30-millimeter cannon round, fired from the GAU-8 Avenger rot..

40 Cal Valve Stem Cover (4 Pack)



7.62/.308 Bullet Bottle Opener Key Chain


The Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain is a cool, novelty keychain and bottle opener from 5ive Star Gear. It is made from a genuine, once-fired 7.62-millimeter rifle round, used in weapons such as the M14 rifle and M240 machine gun. Each bullet is procured with special permission from the U.S. Department of Defense and demilitarized according to specifi..

8 Solid Fuel Tablets


The 5ive Star Gear Solid Fuel Tablets are for use with any compact emergency folding stove. They are eight large, easy-to-ignite, solid fuel tablets which burn with no odor. You get approximately 20-25 minutes cook time per tablet. Stock up with these easy to use fuel tablets for your emergency supply or camping trip. Item is compatible with the 5i..

Army Type Insect Repellent


According to the Center for Disease Control, insect repellent is the most effective way to prevent insect-borne diseases like malaria, West Nile virus and Zika. This Army Type Insect Repellent from 5ive Star Gear is based on the United States Military's own, as used in some of the least hospitable environments on Earth. It contains 30 percent DEET,..

Biodegradable Toilet Tissue


Whether digging a personal latrine, camping in a RV or using a septic system for the home, the Biodegradable Toilet Tissue from 5ive Star Gear gets the job done and then safely degrades into the environment without harming life or contaminating soil and water. Not only is the tissue fast-dissolving and septic tank-safe, but it also resists clogging..

Compact Camouflage Kit 5-color

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The 5-Color Compact Camo from 5ive Star Gear allows you to effortlessly blend in with natural surroundings. By breaking up areas of exposed skin, the face becomes far more difficult to detect under field combat conditions. The comprehensive kit contains white, loam, olive drab, brown and black paints. All paints are hypoallergenic, ensuring safe ap..

Covert Coffee Insert

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The Covert Coffee Insert is an innovative clandestine concealment device that can keep small valuables hidden from prying eyes and safe from thieving hands while in a vehicle or in other environments. This device is concealed by being submerged in coffee at the bottom of a standard disposable coffee cup (the kind you get at any coffee drive-thru pl..

Duct Tape Color: Tan (60 Yards)

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Sure, it's just a roll of duct tape. But even so, a trusted brand with guaranteed reliable performance offers peace of mind that can't be beat, especially in high-stakes situations. 5ive Star Gear offers a 60-yard roll that matches military-grade standards. The tape features a coated back for simpler unwinding without the hassle. 5ive Star Gear's D..

Emergency Compact Stove


Sick of trail mix and power bars? The 5ive Star Gear Emergency Compact Stove is an ultra-compact way to cook food when far from civilization. The stove is ideally-suited for backpacking, hunting, camping or storage in a bug out bag as part of emergency preparedness. Constructed from strong, lightweight metal, the innovative design folds flat when s..

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