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10' Power Cable, 3-pin XLR to 2-pin Fisher Connector


The Anton Bauer 3-pin XLR to 2-pin Fisher is used to supply power to your video equipment, via batteries. The cable measures 10' (3.04m) in length...

10' XLR-4 Accessory Cable, Connects Power Charger to Camera / Camcorder for Operation from Mains


4-pin Male Straight to 4-pin Female Straight, 10' From any PowerCharger, QBH, DBH to equipment with 4 pin XLR DC input...

15mm Rod Clamp Kit


The Anton Bauer 15 mm Rod Clamp Kit can be used to securely mount a Matrix Cheese Plate on 15 mm rods...

3' Open End Power Cable Mates With Any PowerTap Receptacle


The PowerTap-Open End is a 3 foot power cable that mates with the PowerTap receptacle in any Gold Mount. Can be used to power any 12-14 volt accessory (mic, microwave receiver, etc.) from the camera battery. Customer must install connector to match the specific accessory power input (10 amp. max). This Powertap Cable is for use with ALL Gold Moun..

8'' PowerTap Cable for the Lectrosonics Wireless Receiver


The Anton Bauer PowerTap Lectro is a 8" Power Tap cable to fit any Lectrosonics wireless receiver...

84'' Multi-Output Male to 4 Female PowerTap Cable


The 84" Multi-Output PowerTap Cable from Anton Bauer features a male PowerTap connector on one side and four female PowerTap receptacles on the other. It is designed to expand any Gold mount PowerTap to accommodate up to four separate devices. It can be used to power multiple wireless receivers or onboard monitors, as well as an ultralight from a s..

9'' PowerTap to Female 4-pin XLR Cable


The Anton Bauer power tap-9 power tap to female 4-pin XLR cable supplies power to an accessory that has a 4-pin XLR connector. Measuring 9" (22.9cm) in length, it can be attached with any gold mount batteries to supply power using the power tap plug...

Camera Mounted Hot Swap Accessory Gold Mount for True Continuous Battery Operation


QR-HOTSWAP mounts directly to the camera for true perpetual, continuous battery operation. Unlike "stacking" batteries one behind the other, electronics in the QR-Hotswap allow for true "hot swapping" allowing ether battery to be changed atany time. The circuitry automatically combines the output of both Digital battery fuel gauges for accurate d..

Charge Cable for CINE Series Batteries / Chargers


The Anton Bauer CS-GBC is a cable that allows the Cine VCLX to charge the Cine VCLX battery. Each end has a proprietary connector to allow these devices to work together flawlessly...

CINE VCLX Charger for the Cine VCLX or Cine VCLX CA Batteries


The Anton Bauer CINE VCLX CHARGER is a 560 watt charger and power supply for the Cine series batteries. This charger offers one Cine series battery charging capability and multiple power supply outputs. Multiple Voltage: The 28 VDC for film and 14.4 VDC for video can be can be used for production and batteries charged with this unit Battery Diagnos..

Custom Gold Mount Battery Adapter for the JVC TM-910SU/1010SU/550PU/600PN and Panasonic BTS-100Y/1000N Portable Color Monitors


Portable Monitor Gold Mounts.... The same Anton/Bauer batteries which power cameras will provide superior runtime and convenience when used on field monitors. The QD-XCM3A Custom Gold Mount Battery Adapter is for JVC TM-910SU /1010SU /550PU /600PN & Panasonic BTS-100Y /1000N Portable Color Monitors as well as Sony BVP Series Cameras. 3 Stud Ant..

Dionic XT150 Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity: 156Wh Mount: Gold

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The XT series of batteries from Anton Bauer is designed and engineered to give the longest lasting and most reliable Li-ion batteries in their class. With a 12A constant current capability (20A for 2s to deal with inrush on challenging loads) the XT series will power even the most demanding 14.4V cameras and LED fixtures. Each battery comes equippe..

Dual Voltage SO-14/28R Snap-On Belts


The Anton Bauer SO-14/28R Simultaneous Voltage Snap-On Belts is an ideal solution for effective utilization of your batteries. Allowing connection of up to 2 Logic Series batteries, it offers limited hot swap capability for a continuous flow of power. For universal application, the Snap-On Belts provide 28V output for all film cameras, digital came..

Female PowerTap Kit W Female PowerTap Components Pins and Housing (Cable Not Included)


This Female PowerTap Kit includes female PowerTap components, pins and housings (cable not included)...

Gold Mount attaches to standard VESA mounting pattern with 4p XLR


Gold Mount attaches to standard VESA mounting pattern with 4p XLR..

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